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Company Profile

Sagaljet Digital Printing Company is the first and largest Digital printing company in Somaliland. It was established in 2007, and started operations with one office and publication room. After 10 years of dedication, The company practices collaboration with its sister branches of Signjet in Mogaidshu, Somalia, Jigjigajet in Jigjiga, Ethiopia and Horyaaljet, in Garoowe, Puntland. We are dedicated and qualified in providing quality products of all types of printing services, including; including indoor and outdoor printing materials from Business cards to 3D sign boards and Billboards. hardwork, customer satisfaction and convenient service, now, the company has Branches and functioning office in all regions of Somaliland, Djibouti and UAE. We have also opened branches at the villages of Hargeisa and Burco to bring our services right at the doors of our clients. Sagaljet is expanding its presence in the horn of Africa and envisioning to extend its products and services to the region.

Our Vision

Sagaljet aspires to be the leading agent of innovation in printing services that guarnatees success for its clients in the horn of Africa.

Our Vision

our mission is to provide the highest quality printing and publications services possible for our clients in the horn of Africa. We lead the company through innovative designs, creative ideas, use of latest technology, and engaging talented and motivated team who offer excellent customer experience, fastness, flexibility and openness to clients.

Company Managers

Abdi Yusuf


Hirsi Ahmed

Admin Manager

Salaben Ahmed

Sales Manager

A.rahman Basto

Production Manager

Ainan Omar

Designer manager

Borama Branch

+252 63 4518090

Burao Branch

+252 63 4435009

Berbera Branch

+252 63 4446322

Wajaale Branch

+252 63 4404140

Lascanood Branch

+252 63 4433711

Our Products

  • Billboards and Signboards
  • 3D Signboards
  • Car branding
  • Books and publications
  • Banner stands
  • Magazine & Brochures 
  • ID Cards and Business Cards
  • T-shirts and Hats
  • Glass awards
  • Stamps
  • Tire covers
  • Stickers 
  • Logo design
  • Advertising designs 

Call Us: +252 2 510099

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